here's a backpack ive been messing around with just a tiny version of a canoe-style bag that i've always wanted to make. some cowhide strapping and a black walnut tomahawk badge. the main portion of the shoulder straps are horsehide.

the old truck for sale. maybe $500 or so?

the barn!

tomahawk moved into its new home today. a barn in SE portland, thanks to friends alela and tom, will be housing. finally out of the basement. cant wait to get a move on. 

new saddlebag

this is a new saddlebag thats available for order now. its 12 inches, by 6X6..has a drawstring and pockets or d rings on top can be added to suit your needs. its built to hang on standard saddle loops. email for more info.

new bags

hey there. i have some new bags that are in the works for late summer. a small pannier and a new under-saddle bag. for now here are some shots of a bag i made in collaboration with sacha white of vanilla bicycles. sacha created the internal fillet brazed frame and i wrapped it with waxwear canvas and leather. it attaches to the bike via a decaleur on the front rack.